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D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is the primary economic development body for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire region.

The LEP works in partnership with local businesses, local authorities, education and skills providers and social and community partners (amongst others) to deliver growth and economic opportunity across the LEP area. Delivery of strategic growth programmes are facilitated locally by the ability of the LEP to access national and European funding for economic growth purposes.

The primary funding available for economic investment in the D2N2 area is the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). These funds form part of a national funding arrangement with the EU and are subject to rigorous controls and restrictions of use. To enable compliance, D2N2 and partner organisations provide an ESIF Technical Assistance service which provides potential applicants and delivery agents the information they need to apply for and run successful and compliant projects using ESIF. This website will form a crucial resource and information exchange for the delivery of this technical assistance service.

The Requirement

Delivery of the website will need to incorporate a number of essential elements.

  • Development of branding for the site (linked to but distinct from D2N2) 
  • Creation of a CMS website that can be easily maintained and updated by project staff 
  • Creation of a restricted area for the sharing of project team information and contacts 
  • Adherence to the outline specification attached 
  • Be written in a commonly used language/code 
  • Display fully on all common browsers 
  • Allow screen optimisation options for use on mobile devices 
  • Be resistant to hacking

If possible the site should also incorporate the following desirable elements:

  • Include a database / basic CRM system for project team data sharing/contacts 
  • Be fully annotated to enable coding to be amended/updated by another developer if necessary and/or; 
  • Be built from open source structure

Within this specification we also require:

  • Training for a min of 5 x D2N2 employees on use, maintenance and update of content
  • Details of the availability and cost of ongoing site support beyond initial build
  • Advice on 3-year hosting arrangements 

Branding and Design

As part of the project we require the development of a distinct branding image for the D2N2 TA resource which reflects D2N2’s corporate image but is distinguishable as the TA resource.

The website must link to and from D2N2’s core website –

The website must reflect the input of partner organisations as part of the TA project (Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and EMFEC) and must signpost to support available from those organisations.

Most importantly the website design must be compliant with ESIF guidance on marketing and publicity: relevant ESIF logos must be used in the design and placed in prominent positions to be compliant. More information regarding compliance can be found in the relevant guidance:


The sitemap document attached to this invitation details the minimum functional specification required from the site. In addition, we would welcome functionality which enables rolling displays of news items etc. and welcome functionality that enables an interactive display of project-level support across the D2N2 geography (see ‘Providers in your area’ section of for example).

Given the nature of the site and its objective, the level of functionality required will also need to include:

  • Ability to display location maps within events sections
  • Links to booking systems (e.g. Eventbrite)
  • Contact Us Forms or links to emails
  • Downloadable versions of Word, PowerPoint, PDF, images and other file formats

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements are relatively straightforward and will include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Content will be provided to you – it does not need to be created
  • The site will need to be developed to enable regular content management to be actioned by D2N2 and/or the TA project team – there are probably going to be at least 5 login requirements but there may be more needed – this is can be clarified at the outset.
  • The restricted area needs to have access for at least 10 users with additional access capability available to D2N2 / site admin.
  • Options to host would be welcome – The options should include transferring site to D2N2for ongoing management and/or hosting for an initial period of 12 months
  • Although the system will not need to integrate with any other external system, deep links will be required for the news feeds from our D2N2 website.
  • Links to all major social media channels especially Twitter
  • Links to all the tenant websites/ social media feeds as appropriate.
  • The site must comply with all relevant legislation and be DDA compliant.
  • The site must be optimised for both laptop, PC, mobile and tablet formats.

These requirements are as we know at the moment, but if you have any queries or questions that might impact on your quotation to action this, please let us know.

Go Live Timescales

This website needs to be developed in readiness for a go live by end of June 2017. Applicants will be expected to evidence that they can meet this timescale.


The maximum budget available for this build is £10,000 (excl. VAT).

Project Management & Team

This brief will be managed by Rachel Quinn, Active Engagement Office (Technical Assistance), based at D2N2s offices in Nottingham.

What do we require from you?

To respond to this brief, could you please provide the following …..

  1. A detailed, item-by-item breakdown of the costs that you envisage would be incurred to realise this brief, which needs to include all relevant costs include project management fees, if applicable.
  2. An explanation on how you intend to develop and manage the project; who from your organisation will be involved and their related experience and the testing plan prior to a go live scenario.
  3. Confirmation of any out-sourcing arrangements you intend to apply (e.g. for design) and how these will be managed.
  4. Confirmation of the timelines that you believe are achievable for this project, given the outline timescales indicated.
  5. Details of any payment terms that might apply to facilitate this project.
  6. Summary of not more than 250 words, as to why you believe your company are the most appropriate to choose to deliver this project, with any relevant branding case studies (maximum of 2 only please).
  7. Please submit your proposal, in word or PDF format, by Midday on 10th April 2017 to Please clearly state in the subject line D2N2 TA Website Development submission.

How and when will the decision be made?

The decision as to who to appoint will be made as a result of reviewing the quotation submission and accompanying narrative and then scoring each submission based on:

  • price
  • quality of the response against spec
  • relevant experience
  • local economic impact
  • environmental impact

A maximum of 20 points is possible to be awarded, and the company that scores the highest number of points will be chosen. Feedback on the reasons for choosing or not choosing your company will be provided if requested.

It is hoped that the decision will be made by 21st April 2017, if required interview may be required and these will take place either by telephone, Skype or at the Nottingham office.

To download a copy of the above as a full document, click here

To download a copy of the proposed D2N2 Technical Assistance Website Sitemap, click here

This project is part-funded by the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England.

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