D2N2 Enterprise Adviser Network

The D2N2 video gives insight into benefits for businesses of joining D2N2's Enterprise Adviser Network

Stronger links are being built between schools and employers in the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership area, to help young people better realise their career potential.

D2N2 believes a successful economy needs businesses, and schools and colleges, to work closer together on this issue.

The Employability Framework, launched in summer 2015, seeks to match the employability skills taught young people leaving schools and post-16 training programmes with those needed by employers' workforces. The Framework is being delivered through the Careers and Enterprise Company – Enterprise Advisor Network (EAN). 

The EAN has seven Enterprise Coordinators in the D2N2 area, engaging with 80 schools and linking them with 80 business leaders. These businesspeople act as volunteer Enterprise Advisors, forming an EAN of large and small employers who work with school leaders, to develop their plans to better engage with employers. 

The work of Enterprise Coordinators, the Enterprise Advisor Network, and projects undertaken to support schools and employers are overseen by the D2N2 Skills and Employment Commission; which ensures these activities have a postive impact on helping young people with career ambitions.

The ambition is for every secondary school and college in the D2N2 area, and at least 20% of specialist schools, to have:

  • a designated employer linked to their organisation;
  • an Enterprise, Careers and Employability Strategy;
  • undertaken a self-assessment, to produce an action plan in response to the Enterprise, Careers and Employability Strategy;
  • access to providers delivering enterprise, careers and employability activities who've been quality assured against the D2N2 Employability Framework;
  • access to a range of funding to support their school strategies.

Enterprise Co-Ordinator Working with D2N2, Employers and Enterprise Advisors [Diagram]

To see what the Enterprise Advisor Network can offer you, please view our offer to business leaders and our offer to schools and colleges

We're looking for exceptional volunteers from the world of work (from employers to the self-employed) to join our Network. To view the characteristics of a D2N2 Enterprise Advisor, click here

As a D2N2 Enterprise Advisor, you'll work closely with the Senior Leadership Team in local schools and colleges to support them in developing their careers and enterprise strategies and employer engagement plans; drawing on your own local business networks. Becoming an Enterprise advisor is a unique opportunity to support a school or college in improving opportunities for young people, and it is also a chance to join a Network of like-minded peers.

If you are a school, college or employer and want to be involved in the Enterprise advisor Network please contact the Enterprise Coordinator for your area listed below:

Enterprise Coordinators   


Alternatively, register your interest with the D2N2 LEP and we will organise for you to be contacted by an Enterprise Coordinator:*CAREERS Local funding is available to D2N2 Schools, Specialist Schools, Academies, Pupil Referral Units, Virtual Schools, Elected Home Education (through registration with the local authorities) and Colleges to support young people aged 15-19 who are at risk of becoming NEET. If you are an educational institute and do not have an Enterprise Coordinator allocated to you please contact Liam.

If you want to discuss the Enterprise Advisor Network please contact Rachel Quinn on 0115 957 8740 (landline) or email: rachel.quinn@d2n2lep.org