D2N2 is delighted to be investing £5.79 million from the Local Growth Fund into the Horizon29 scheme to develop the former Coalite site near Bolsover.

The former Coalite Chemicals site is 1.5miles north-west of Bolsover town centre, located either side of Buttermilk Lane. It was a smokeless fuel manufacturing plant from 1937 till 2004 and the site is now vacant.

The D2N2 funding will support work to remove chemical contaminants from the site, necessary in order to develop it. 

Once complete the redeveloped site will feature 824,000 square feet of space and will eventually be home to hundreds of workers when opened in 2021.

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: Horizon29
  • Location: Bolsover
  • Project Lead: Derbyshire District Council
  • Total Project Cost: £24million
  • Total LGF Allocation: £5.79million
  • Approval Date: October 2016
  • Project Start Date: January 2017
  • Project Completion Date: February 2020

Latest News:

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