Our City Our River

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D2N2 is delighted to have allocated £12 million from the Local Growth Fund into the Our City Our River (OCOR) scheme, designed to improve flood defences around Derby.

The OCOR scheme has been developed to reduce flood risk and create a high-quality riverside, linking the city centre with the river. The OCOR project includes plans for defences which would provide a greater level of protection up to a 1 in 100-year chance of occurrence and provide an ideal opportunity to release the economic potential of brownfield sites along the river.

When completed in 2023, the OCOR will protect over 2000 existing homes and 800 businesses.

In addition to the Local Growth Fund, the project also benefits from EU funding via the ERDF.  

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: Our City Our River
  • Location: Derby
  • Project Lead: Derby City Council 
  • Total Project Cost: £95million 
  • Total LGF Allocation: £12million 
  • Approval Date: January 2016
  • Project Start Date: January 2016
  • Project Completion Date: 2023

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