Chesterfield Centre for Higher Level Skills

                        UoD Chesterfield campus - St Helena refectory                                     UoD Chesterfield campus - St Helena space


Project Update -

  • 37 jobs created (by end Quarter 3, 2018/19).
  • Estimated jobs created over lifetime of project - 42 jobs.
  • 405 learners (by end Quarter 3, 2018/19).
  • Estimated learners over lifetime of project - 1,049 learners. 

In October 2016 the University of Derby opened its new £7.6million campus in Chesterfield.

Located on the site of the former St Helena Grammar School on Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, the new campus offers students the latest in training and learning, and is also a  place for business development.

Project costs were met by the University and £3.48m from D2N2’s LGF allocation.

A focus of the new Chesterfield Campus is the training of students from the area, particularly adults, in higher level vocational skills. Facilities include a mock hospital ward, used to simulate some of the situations healthcare students may encounter when working in the sector. There is also an Innovation Centre, allowing SMEs to develop new business ideas.

It is estimated the campus will be used by over 1,000 students in its first five years.

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