A61 Corridor

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D2N2 is proud to be contributing £m to the A61 Corridor subject to the approval of a final business case by the D2N2 Investment Board.

The A61 Corridor scheme is made up of five projects, these include Sustainable Transport (approved in October 2019), 21st Century Transport (approved in October 2019), the Chesterfield Station Masterplan, the Avenue Southern Access, and Clowne North.

These individual projects will help improve transport links between Chesterfield and North-East Derbyshire which will increase capacity, reduce congestion, and promote greener transport options like cycling and walking

These improved transport links will also unlock further investment opportunities for major housing and employment growth along the A61 corridor.

Each element of the scheme will be assessed by the D2N2 Investment Board separately ahead of any final decision on funding.

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: A61 Corridor
  • Location: Chesterfield and North-East Derbyshire
  • Project Lead: Derbyshire County Council
  • Total Project Cost: 
  • Total LGF Allocation: £15.6 million (pending approval of each projects final business case)
  • Approval Date: Ongoing
  • Project Start Date: September 2016
  • Project Completion Date: 2021

Latest News:

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