A57/A60 Junction Worksop

Worksop Roundabout Plans


The A57/A60/B6024 Millhouse roundabout is south-west of Worksop, and is located between and close to both the M1 motorway and main A1. This £2.4million project consisted of installing traffic signals at key points on the routes, which has improved overall connectivity and provided access to new opportunities for property developers.

D2N2 provided £1.8million for the project and is joint-funded the improvement of this area with the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and Nottinghamshire County Council.

It is estimated that this £2.4m project will help provide access to more than 75 hectares of employment land, mainly along Worksop’s A57 corridor; which could then directly host up to 4,900 jobs and indirectly generate around a further 1,100 in the town, due to the expected increases in trade and retail footfall. It is also expected to accelerate housing growth, creating up to 1,600 homes.

Nottinghamshire County Council highways division was the main contractor on the A57/A60 project.