Tudor Cross

The former Coalite Chemicals site covers 59 hectares, and is located in both Bolsover and North East Derbyshire district councils’ areas. It was a smokeless fuels manufacturing plant from 1937 till 2004, when it closed down, and the site is now vacant.

Bolsover Land Limited, a joint venture between redevelopment specialists Marcol and the St Francis Group, acquired the site in 2012. 

Planning permission was granted by Bolsover District Council (http://www.bolsover.gov.uk/) to use the site for employment land and by North-East Derbyshire District Council (http://www.ne-derbyshire.gov.uk/ ) for residential use.

D2N2 has granted £5.8million towards work to remove chemical contaminants on the site, as a precursor to developing it. Funding through LGF was applied for by Derbyshire County Council, which is itself investing £2m in the project.

Once cleaned up and developed the former Coalite site could support 1,525 jobs and 660 dwellings, it has been estimated.

Land decontamination and infrastructure works are currently ongoing and are set to be completed in December 2019.

More information on the Coalite site regeneration plans, as they progress, can be found at development consultation website www.coalite-regeneration.com