The D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board (IIB)

When a business puts forward a project idea for Local Growth Funding, it goes through a series of processes, to ensure that it will help create jobs and attract investors to the area. The final approval in this process is given by the D2N2 Infrastructure and Investment Board (IIB). 

Once the D2N2 IIB board has given its approval for a project, funding can formally be given. 

Ranjit Banwait

Councillor Ranjit Banwait, Derby City Council

D2N2 Chair Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson, D2N2 LEP


Councillor Ann Syrett, Bolsover District Council


Councillor Martin Rawson, Derby City Council

Peter Gadsby

Peter Gadsby, Ark Capital Ltd.


Councillor Barry Lewis, Derbyshire County Council

Cllr Tony King

Councillor Tony King, Derbyshire County Council


Councillor Sam Webster, Nottingham City Council


Councillor John Clarke, Gedling Borough Council

Councillor Carol Hart

Councillor Carol Hart, Erewash Borough Council

Councillor Kay Cutts

Councillor Kay Cutts, Nottinghamshire County Council


Councillor Reg Adair, Nottinghamshire County Council

IIB Meeting Dates (2018)

26th January

23rd February

29th March

26th April


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