Funding and Support

Funding and Support

Find out about funding opportunities and business support services in the D2N2 region.

The D2N2 Board

Peter Richardson D2N2 LEP PFA Security Services

Peter Richardson, D2N2 Chair

Dawn Ward CBE - Burton and South Derbyshire College

Dawn Ward CBE - Burton and South Derbyshire College

Cllr Jon Collins Nottingham City Council

Councillor Jon Collins, Nottingham City Council

Professor Edward Peck

Professor Edward Peck, Nottingham Trent University

Peter Gadsby Ark Capital

Peter Gadsby, Ark Capital

Cllr Anne Western Derbyshire County Council

Councillor Anne Western, Derbyshire County Council

Cllr Ranjit Banwait

Councillor Ranjit Banwait, Derby City Council

David Williams Butt Foods

David Williams, Butt Foods

Ian Morgan Wellglade Group

Ian Morgan, Wellglade Group

David Williams Geldards LLP

David Williams, Geldards LLP

Cllr Alan Rhodes Nottinghamshire County Council

Councillor Alan Rhodes, Nottinghamshire County Council

Cllr Roger Blaney Newark and Sherwood District Council

Councillor Roger Blaney, Newark and Sherwood District Council

Andrew Pickin Shoosmiths Nottingham

Andrew Pickin, Shoosmiths Nottingham

Melanie Ulyatt One to One Support Services Chesterfield

Melanie Ulyatt, One to One Support Services


Cllr Robert Wheeler, South Derbyshire District Council

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Strategic Priorities

Developing Business Skills:

Business skills are the skills employers need to produce or supply products and services. Many skills valued by employers, such as communication and team working, are poorly reflected by qualifications. However, formal education, training and qualifications are often emphasised because they can be easily measured and, more importantly, they can be directly influenced by decisions made by Government, local partners and employers.

Supporting Innovation:

Innovation is “the commercial exploitation of new ideas in the form of new products and processes, new organizational techniques, new markets and new sources of supply”. Innovation can enhance the quality of an area’s business stock and act as a spur to competition. It is a key characteristic of high growth firms.

Available Finance:

Access to finance is critical if businesses are to invest in additional capacity, innovative activities, skills development or new capital equipment. When surveyed, businesses in the D2N2 area consistently identify access to finance as a concern. Research on high growth firms suggests that access to capital for expansion is often a key constraint. 

Effective Infrastructure:

Infrastructure is one of the ‘fundamentals’ that underpins the economic competitiveness of an area. It is widely seen as including transport networks, business premises, electronic infrastructure such as broadband and other utilities. As such it is key to delivering sustainable economic growth. The adequate provision of quality infrastructure that supports the requirements of industry and allows for the efficient movement of goods and people contributes to economic prosperity.


Download D2N2’s Strategic Priorities and Areas of Economic Focus

Download D2N2’s Strategy for Growth 2013-2023  



Invest in the Region

If you are looking to invest to relocate or expand your business, Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have a compelling offer to support you to invest and grow.

Skills in Focus

Skills in Focus

Improving skills is critical to meeting business needs, raising productivity and increasing employment. Business skills are a priority for D2N2. More