Growth Hub Project Board Documents

Please find a copy of D2N2 Growth Hub Project Board documents - agendas, minutes and papers (minus items exempt under the Local Government (access to information) act) - for the last year.

Board documents from previous years are available on request, by emailing with the meeting and documents you require.

*Indicates a future board meeting

Minutes of the most recent meeting will be available, once approved as a true record at the following meeting.

D2N2 Growth Hub Project Board Documents



January 2016 Agenda

February 2017 Agenda*

January 2016 Minutes

February 2017 Minutes* 

January 2016 Papers

February 2017 Papers* 

March 2016 Agenda  

May 2017 Agenda*

March 2016 Minutes  

May 2017 Minutes*

March 2016 Papers

May 2017 Papers*

June 2016 Agenda

August 2017 Agenda* 

June 2016 Minutes

August 2017 Minutes*

June 2016 Papers

August 2017 Papers*

September 2016 Agenda


September 2016 Minutes


September 2016 Papers


December 2016 Agenda


December 2016 Minutes


December 2016 Papers