Growth Hub Project Board Documents

Please find a copy of D2N2 Growth Hub Project Board documents - agendas, minutes and papers (minus items exempt under the Local Government (access to information) act) - for the last year.

Board documents from previous years are available on request, by emailing with the meeting and documents you require.

*Indicates a future board meeting

Minutes of the most recent meeting will be available, once approved as a true record at the following meeting.

D2N2 Growth Hub Project Board Documents



February 2017 Agenda

February 2018 Agenda

February 2017 Minutes

February 2018 Minutes

February 2017 Papers

February 2018 Papers

May 2017 Agenda

May 2018 Agenda*

May 2017 Minutes

May 2018 Minutes*

May 2017 Papers

May 2018 Papers*

August 2017 Agenda

August 2018 Agenda*

August 2017 Minutes

August 2018 Minutes*

August 2017 Papers

August 2018 Papers*

November 2017 Agenda

November 2018 Agenda*

November 2017 Minutes

November 2018 Minutes*

November 2017 Papers

November 2018 Papers*