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D2N2 Strategy for Growth and Publications

'Refresh' of the D2N2 LEP Strategic Economic Plan

In early 2019 the D2N2 LEP 'refreshed' its original Strategic Economic Plan (or SEP), published 2013, to address the expected economic challenges and opportunities for its area (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire) up to 2030. The original SEP had set a target to create 55,000 new private sector jobs by 2023, in response to the key challenge to ‘rebalance’ the local economy; with annual D2N2 State of the Economy reports showing great progress on that target. Productivity is a key focus of the new SEP, entitled Vision 2030. An online copy can be read by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

The SEP refresh followed extensive discussions with businesses of all sizes, local authority partners and other organisations; a series of public SEP consultation events held in autumn 2018; and use of an online survey portal. An evidence base on the local economy was also provided to inform the review of the Strategic Economic Plan.

To read an online copy of the new Strategic Economic Plan, CLICK ON THE FRONT COVER BELOW:

SEP Oct 2018 FINAL - front cover



Original Strategic Economic Plan


D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan (published 2013)

D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan

See our original Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) here


SEP Executive Summary here


Download the D2N2 SEP Implementation Plan


Strategic Economic Plan: Background

In March, 2014, the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership submitted to Government an ambitious plan to deliver a £2.4billion business investment programme across its area of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, to create 55,000 jobs by 2023. This Strategic Economic Plan final submission followed Government feedback, and consultation with businesses and other stakeholders. Read more about the consultation process at the time by clicking HERE.

This detailed document built on the initial strategy - D2N2, the UK’s Most Inspirational Postcode – launched in July 2013, and made a compelling case to devolve Government funding from the Single Local Growth Fund - which had been allocated £10billion over five years between the then 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships across England – to the D2N2 area; to deliver its ambitious plans for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Funding received would be combined with public and private sector local investment, and the 250million Euros of European Union funding previously allocated to D2N2 (for 2014 to 2020). This would drive the plans forward; creating tens of thousands of jobs, raising skills, and supporting companies' growth and prosperity.

Download the full D2N2 Strategy for Growth 2013-2023 here

2017 Publications


D2N2 Annual Review 2016/17

D2N2 Annual Review 2017 Cover

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D2N2 Response to Government's Industrial Strategy

D2N2 Response to Government's Industrial Strategy

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Click here to view Government's Industrial Strategy Green Paper


D2N2 State of the Economy 2016/17 (Summary Report)


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D2N2 State of the Economy 2016/17 (Full Report)

2016-17 State of the Economy full report final

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2016 Publications


State of the D2N2 Economy 2015/16

Full report

D2N2 State of the Economy report 2016 - Final Page 01

D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan Impact Report - 2013-2016


To see the impact that D2N2 is having on its economy, click here.

2014/15 Publications