Governance and Accountability

As one of the UK’s 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships, D2N2 receives substantial public sector funding – both from the UK Government and the European Union.

To ensure transparency, fairness and good practice the D2N2 LEP is bound by its Local Assurance Framework (LAF).

The LAF sets out how D2N2 will continue the process of ensuring value for money, prioritisation, appraisal, business case development and risk management for its Growth Deal programme. It identifies the roles to be taken by D2N2 and its constituent Boards, by the Accountable Body (for D2N2, this is Derbyshire County Council) and by the promoters of projects. It also sets out the process to be followed in selecting priorities for further Growth Deals or other funding programmes if appropriate.

The Accountable Body confirms that the D2N2 LAF conforms with the LEP Assurance Framework supplied by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on the 9th December 2014, and the revised National Assurance Framework supplied in October 2016. The agreement letter to the revised LAF - agreed by Derbyshire County Council, the LEP Executive and its Board - can be read HERE .


Under the Local Assurance Framework, D2N2 makes the following information publicly available, via its website:

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Other Key Documents by the D2N2 LEP include:

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D2N2 Board

D2N2 Chair and Chief Executive

  • Chief Executive is Matthew Wheatley. He has been in the role since December 2017. 
  • Chair is Peter Richardson. He was appointed Chair of D2N2 in November 2012.

Complaints Policy 

Complaints or concerns about the policies, activities, or services provision of the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership or its D2N2 Growth Hub should be directed in the first instance to the D2N2 LEP Office Manager, who can be contacted on telephone number 0115 9578747. Complaints will be dealt with promptly, in consultation with the LEP's Chief Executive and/or senior staff, and responded to.

Whistleblowing Policy

The D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership’s Whistleblowing Policy can be read HERE.

Infrastructure and Investment Board

Growth Hub Project Board

Enterprise Zone Board

Growing Places Fund Board

Equality and Diversity Policy 

The D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership's Equality and Diversity Policy can be downloaded by clicking HERE .

It is a guiding principle of the D2N2 LEP that all communities in its area should benefit from its activities to promote and increase economic growth. These efforts are evidenced by actions such as D2N2’s funding – via its European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) allocation – of projects which act to reduce economic and social exclusion in some of the LEP area’s least well off communities, and which seek to improve career and training opportunities for groups with greater barriers to employment (people with disabilities, older people, women returning to work, young people).

Public engagement and transparency

Engagement with Local Authority representatives

The D2N2 Board’s membership includes the political Leaders of the LEP area’s four upper tier authorities (Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire County, Derby City and Derbyshire County councils), plus borough and district councils' representatives for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (currently these are Board members Councillor Robert Wheeler, Leader of South Derbyshire District Council, and Cllr Roger Blaney, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council). All these LA representatives inform area councils of D2N2 activities, and represent fellow LAs' views to the D2N2 Board and officers.

In addition, senior D2N2 officers (including the Chief Executive and the Chair) meet regularly with LA Leaders and elected representatives across the LEP's area, to ensure it is addressing areas of importance to local authorities.

Independent scrutiny of the D2N2 LEP

D2N2 is committed to transparency and good review practices in the way it conducts its activities. The D2N2 LEP's 2017/18 Business Plan includes plans to set-up an overview and scrutiny committee for the LEP.

Independent financial auditing of D2N2

An Audit Review of the processes and procedures around D2N2's Local Growth Fund is undertaken annually by the LEP's accountable body, Derbyshire County Council, as part of local government financial procedures. Key recommendations from the most recent Audit Report on the D2N2 LEP were reported to the December 2016 meeting of the Infrastructure and Investment Board. To read that report click HERE.

D2N2 project appraisal, prioritisation and development

Regular updates on proposals to, and the ongoing projects of, the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and D2N2 Growth Hub can be found in the papers of the main LEP, Infrastructure and Investment, Growth Hub Project, Enterprise Zone and Growing Places Fund Boards. Those papers are accessible via links given elsewhere on this page. Projects information is also made publicly available via regular press releases, news articles , website and social media posts; publications such as the Annual Review, and free business engagement events including D2N2's Annual Conference and annual Business Breakfasts series.

Environmental information on projects and programmes jointly promoted or funded by D2N2 - and which is publicly accessible under the 2004 Environmental Information Regulations - will usually be found in the decision papers on those projects seen by D2N2 Boards and available to view via this website. If specific information cannot be found, requests should be directed in the first instance to the LEP office on 0115 9578747.

In assessing proposals, projects and bids submitted to it by external partners for consideration and funding the D2N2 LEP abides by HM Treasury guidance for public sector bodies; as set out in the Department's ‘Green Book', a copy of which can be found online HERE.