Top Wighay Farm

Top Wighay Farm Dev

D2N2 are proud to be investing £3 million from the Local Growth Fund into the construction of the Top Wighay Farm development.

The Top Wighay Farm site, a 40-hectare site situated north-west of the Nottinghamshire town of Hucknall, will feature an 805-property housing development, a new primary school, and a local community centre.

Developers will use modern building techniques to accelerate construction of the housing units, 30% of which have been designated as affordable.

The development will also feature land for offices and warehouses plus associated open space for the community.

Work is due to begin in the summer with infrastructure works expected to be completed by 2021.

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: Top Wighay Farm
  • Location: Hucknall
  • Project Lead: Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Total Project Cost: £10.3 million
  • Total LGF Allocation: £3 million
  • Approval Date: May 2020
  • Project Start Date: Summer 2020
  • Project Completion Date: Late 2021

Latest News:

D2N2 Confirm Funding for Top Wighay Farm