Employability Framework Toolkit

“Employability needs to be part of a coherent career development and work related programme in schools, delivered in partnership with education, employers, and careers professionals”

The D2N2 Employability Framework is a shared language for young people and employers, and reflects the common concerns of key stakeholders on behalf of young people across the area. The Framework has been developed to work within existing policy and should complement and integrate current activity. It is not intended to generate another layer of bureaucracy nor should its application duplicate what is already in place.

The D2N2 Employability Framework has three main functions:

  1. To set out an ambition for all young people in the area – an ambition that can only be achieved through co-ordinated and focused partnership working.
  2. To shape practical actions by providing a Framework for self-evaluation and a focus on key actions.
  3. To shape a strategic response to commissioning to ensure that actions achieve goals, and that the cumulative impact of those goals is to achieve better outcomes for our young people and employers.

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