D2N2 Employability Framework

D2N2 Employability Framework Booklet

The D2N2 area has one of the fastest growing and well balanced economies in the UK and there are real concerns about the supply of appropriately qualified employees to enable the local economy to sustain growth as was highlighted in the D2N2 Skills for Growth Strategy. We have long had high levels of youth unemployment locally and in the UK as a whole whilst many employers have voiced concerns about the employability skills and work readiness of young people leaving our schools, colleges and universities.

The D2N2 LEP have quite rightly put skills at the top of their agenda because without having a good supply of skilled people we will not be able to drive forward the economic prosperity that our two cities and counties deserve. The “employability skills” asked for by the eight priority sectors whose growth and development are essential to continue to drive economic growth of the D2N2 area are almost identical yet we still have a substantial mismatch between the employability skills of those young people leaving our schools and post-16 training programmes, regardless of whether they plan to go on to higher education or go directly into employment, and the skills being sought by employers.

For a successful local economy, businesses and schools/colleges need to work far more closely together – we need each other. I see a clear analogy between the way institutions and business should work together and how a supply chain works in manufacturing industry, where partnership working between companies in the supply chain ensures a win-win outcome.

The D2N2 Employability Framework provides the methodology by which we can significantly improve the employability and life skills of our young people regardless of academic ability or which career pathway they chose to take. Collectively schools, colleges, training providers, wealth creating companies, social enterprises and the public sector have a duty to ensure that we give our young people the best chances in gaining employment and at the same time addressing the skills needs of employers within our area.

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D2N2 Employability Framework

Employability Skills Animation

This Employability animation was made by Megan Byrne. Megan is 18 years old and currently working as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice for Derbyshire County Council. Megan is on a 16 month apprenticeship, which will finish in early 2017. Megan manages the social media platforms for YOUTHINC and creates digital content for use in online marketing campaigns. She is based at the Donut Creative Arts Studio (DCAS) in Chesterfield.

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