VISION 2030 – Our Strategic Economic Plan

vISION 2020-01

Vision 2030 is our second strategic economic plan. It maps out the opportunities we have to move our economy on to the next level by increasing innovation, boosting productivity and widening prosperity.

Our first plan was launched in 2013, and achieved its key target of creating 55,000 new jobs within three years. This new plan is a comprehensive economic strategy for the D2N2 area, setting a long term vision and targets and has been built on a comprehensive evidence base (LINK) and extensive consultation.

It covers a longer timescale, one which coincides with some major changes to the world around us - the digital revolution, a transition to renewable energies, and potentially new trading relationships with other countries.

To build on our strengths and embrace those challenges, we need to work together to support businesses to innovate, support people to raise skill levels, and make opportunity and prosperity more accessible across our two cities and counties by improving support, infrastructure and connectivity.