Remote Working Resources


D2N2 has put together a series of resources to help those adapting to remote working.

Keeping in Touch

When working remotely it's normal to feel out of the loop. In order to avoid that, check-in with line managers and direct reports once a day and read all of your emails carefully. You can help this process by making your own emails to colleagues clear and concise. Finally, as tasks present themselves, always consider who else should be kept informed.

Conference Calls

Teleconferencing can be achieved through a variety of platforms including Microsoft Teams, which is included within Office 365, and Zoom which are two of the most popular.

Six tips for conference calls

Sending large files

If you need to send large documents such as PowerPoint presentations, images, or video you should send them via a third party. Resources include:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • WeTransfer
  • Dropbox

For the latest on the Covid-19 situation, visit our Covid-19 webpage.