12 May 2020

Watch: D2N2 May 11 Investment Board

In line with D2N2s commitment to ever-greater transparency, we are now publishing our virtual Investment Board meetings online. 

When a business puts forward a project idea for Local Growth Funding, it goes through a series of processes, to ensure that it will help create jobs and attract investors to the area. The final approval in this process is given by the D2N2 Investment Board (IB). 

Once D2N2 IB board members have given approval for a project, funding can formally be given. 

May 11 D2N2 Investment Board

Amongst the topics discussed on the Agenda were the Top Wighay Farm development near Hucknall and the Hollis Lane Link Road in Chesterfield,

Both projects have applied for funding from D2N2.


Anyone that would like to attend a future Investment Board virtually should contact D2N2 Head of Capital Programmes Tom Goshawk.