11 November 2019

The Heart of England

The following blog is taken from the D2N2 2018/19 Annual Review will be published on 13 November 2019.

Ahead of the 2019 D2N2 Annual Conference which marks my first year as Chair I wanted to share with you my thoughts on where we are heading as a region. 

In every sector, every area, and in every community across our region D2N2 is helping to grow the economy.

D2N2 is more than a region of 1847 square miles, 2.1 million residents, and an economy worth £45 billion.

We are the heart of England.

We are the heart of England culturally, with a number of world-class visitor attractions. D2N2 has worked with and invested in improvements to many of these including Buxton Crescent, Nottingham Castle, the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, and Derby’s Museum of Making in order to boost our visitor economy.

We are the heart of England creatively, as the birthplace of the MRI machine, the factory, and even the hot dog. Today, we continue to invest significantly towards advances in sectors such as health, low carbon, and energy to provide a better future for all.

And we are the heart of England logistically. Our connectivity and excellent transport links, including the motorway system and current mainline railways, will be further strengthened by HS2. We will use the transformation HS2 brings to drive the region towards a carbon-free tomorrow.

To make our carbon-free future a reality, we will work with business, local authorities, education providers, and the third sector. We will realise the opportunities carbon-free offers our region: technologically, logistically, digitally, and industrially.

Our future begins with our people taking pride in and celebrating our place at the heart of England. We have a duty to work in partnership across the region to deliver a healthy, prosperous, and thriving economy and place.

I thank our partners for their past support, their joint investment and look forward to continuing our work as we look to grow our economy quickly and sustainably, whilst improving the long-term health of our environment.

If we are to be an example to the rest of the UK, revolutionising our approach to growing our economy without sacrificing our environment, then it’s up to us.


NB: The D2N2 Annual Review will be published at the organisation's Annual Conference will take place on 13 November 2019 at Pride Park Stadium.