The D2N2 Investment Board (IB)

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When a business puts forward a project idea for Local Growth Funding, it goes through a series of processes, to ensure that it will help create jobs and attract investors to the area. The final approval in this process is given by the D2N2 Investment Board (IB). 

Once D2N2 IB board members have given approval for a project, funding can formally be given. 

In line with Government Best Practice Guidance, D2N2 has also ensured that all of its Board Members and staff have signed a code of conduct, based on the Nolan Principles of Good Governance.

Investment Board Membership

The following people serve on the Investment Board:

Elizabeth Fagan (Chair) (Declaration of Interest) Boots
Cllr Barry Lewis (Deputy Chair) (Declaration of Interest) Derbyshire County Council
David Williams (Declaration of Interest) Geldards
Cllr Carole Hart (Declaration of Interest) Erewash
Cllr Sam Webster (Declaration of Interest) Nottingham City Council
Cllr Matthew Holmes (Declaration of Interest) Derby City Council
Jo Bradley-Fortune (Declaration of Interest) Inclusion
Cllr Tricia Gilby (Declaration of Interest) Chesterfield Borough Council
Cllr John Clarke (Declaration of Interest) Gedling Borough Council
Cllr Jo White (Declaration of Interest) Bassetlaw District Council

Further Information

Minutes of previous IIB Board Meetings 
Complaints policy 
Freedom of information request regarding the Local Growth Fund 
D2N2 IB Terms of Reference

2020 Meeting Dates

  • 30 January
  • 11 March
  • 10 May
  • 16 June
  • 9 September
  • 4 November