D2N2 are proud to be investing £3.8million of Local Growth Funding into the construction of the Hollis Lane Link Road (HLLR).

The £7.42m project will form a critical part of the Chesterfield Station Masterplan, bringing forward wholescale regeneration and supporting sustainable economic growth in the centre of Chesterfield.

The new Hollis Lane Link Road will extend from the junction of Hollis Lane and Spa Lane and will terminate at the southern extent of the Chesterfield Station car park, providing direct access to the railway station from the south.

Furthermore, the Hollis Lane Link Road will unlock 0.92 hectares of early development plots within the Chesterfield Station Masterplan area which it is hoped will lead to over 500 jobs being created by businesses moving into the new development.

Remedial works are due to begin in September 2020 with work expected to be completed by late 2021.

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: Hollis Lane Link Road
  • Location: Chesterfield
  • Project Lead: Derbyshire County Council
  • Total Project Cost: £7.42million
  • Total LGF Allocation: £3.8million
  • Approval Date: May 2020
  • Project Start Date: September 2020
  • Project Completion Date: Late 2021

Latest News:

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