D2N2 is striving to build and utilise existing local assets in the drive for improved economic growth. That’s why we’re looking for partners to work with the Growth Hub to advise businesses, where they are the best suited to providing that service.

For example, in June 2015 the D2N2 Growth Hub's Better Business Regulation service teamed up with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service to hold a series of safety regulations awareness sessions for black and ethnic minority business owners, in the Nottingham City area (pictured below).

BBR - Lunchtime advice session

All we ask in return is a pledge to cooperate with the Growth Hub staff and other partners, to find out how the customer experience and impacts can be improved, and so act as honest brokers to refer customers as appropriate to other solution providers.

For users, this partnership approach means that there’ll be an ‘extended front line’ for business services which far outstrips what our staff could achieve alone, and makes sure that you’ll work with the best possible service provider to meet your need.

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