D2N2 Growth Hub

Funded by the ERDF in order to boost competitiveness amongst SMEs in our region, the D2N2 Growth Hub offers support to start-ups, growing businesses, and companies who are ready to scale up their operations.

The D2N2 Growth Hub aims to:

  • Create awareness of the benefits of taking up business services available
  • Help SMEs understand what services they should be using, and why
  • Help business leaders make informed choices about the service providers they engage with
  • Encourage businesses to work with business service providers and to keep on working with them as they address evolving challenges and opportunities
  • Help service providers to understand what customers need and to shape their offer to better match the evolving needs of businesses
  • Work with the public, private, and third sectors to find ways of addressing the skills gap by promoting the skills support available in our region
  • Working with SMEs to promote access to finance opportunities

For more information on the D2N2 Growth Hub call 0333 006 9178 or email info@d2n2growthhub.co.uk