D2N2 Local Transport Board

The D2N2 Local Transport Board has been set up to administer tens of millions of pounds of funding for major transport schemes across the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area. 

Notts County Council, Derbyshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and Derby City Council will all submit proposals for major road and transport developments to the LTB. 

LTBs have been established to develop, administer and implement new programmes of major schemes in each Local Enterprise Partnership area. 

Government wants a greater local influence over the delivery of such projects and while funding will come to the D2N2 area from 2015, the LTB has been set up now in order to agree a programme of schemes and oversee their development and implementation. 

The D2N2 Local Transport Board is made up of 12 voting members and chaired by Coun Joan Dixon, from Derbyshire County Council. 

It comprises of two members from Derbyshire County Council, Notts County Council, Nottingham City Council and Derby City Council, a Derbyshire district and borough councils’ representative and the same for Nottinghamshire. The D2N2 LEP and Sheffield City Region LEP, whose boundaries overlap the D2N2 area, also have a representative on the board. 

The D2N2 LTB, as the decision-making body, is supported by the Infrastructure Group which features directors of highways and transport services of the respective local authorities and acts as the principle advisor to the Board.