D2N2 Strategy

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D2N2 Strategy

In early 2019 the D2N2 LEP 'refreshed' its original Strategic Economic Plan (or SEP), published 2013, to address the expected economic challenges and opportunities for its area (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire) up to 2030.

The original SEP had set a target to create 55,000 new private-sector jobs by 2023, in response to the key challenge to ‘rebalance’ the local economy; with annual D2N2 State of the Economy reports showing great progress on that target.

The SEP refresh followed extensive discussions with businesses of all sizes, local authority partners and other organisations; a series of public SEP consultation events held in autumn 2018; and use of an online survey portal.

An evidence base on the local economy was also provided to inform the review of the Strategic Economic Plan.

Productivity is a key focus of the new SEP, entitled Vision 2030.

D2N2 Delivery Plan 2019/20

The D2N2 Delivery Plan 2019/20 sets out what the D2N2 LEP intends to deliver in the coming financial year. It is a dynamic document and thus may be subject to change, as the LEP seizes significant opportunities or responds to key challenges that might impact on the national and local economy.

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