Ashbourne Airfield

Ashbourne Airfield -Partners on site 1

D2N2 is proud to be investing £1million from the Local Growth Fund into transport infrastructure improvements at the Ashbourne Airfield site.

D2N2 has agreed to contribute the financial boost from its Local Growth Fund to support the development that officials say will create extra jobs and solve traffic problems in and around Blenheim Road.

The first stage of the scheme, which will begin in February, will see £10.27 million spent overall on creating a new 50m-wide three-arm roundabout on the A52 and a 720m-long link road to the nearby Airfield Industrial Estate, named after the former second world-war era RAF airbase.

This new access road will unlock what will become the next stages of the development, which would involve building a new business park and dozens of new houses on the land surrounding the road.

The project is a partnership between Derbyshire Dales District Council, Derbyshire County Council and the landowner FW Harrison, all of which have put in additional funding for the infrastructure improvements.

Project Specifics:

  • Project Name: Ashbourne Airfield
  • Location: Ashbourne
  • Project Lead: Derbyshire County Council 
  • Total Project Cost: £1 million
  • Total LGF Allocation: £10.27 million
  • Approval Date: January 2020
  • Project Start Date: January 2020
  • Project Completion Date:  2020

Latest News:

D2N2 pledges £1million to new transport infrastructure in Ashbourne